For those who don’t know, we’ve moved.

We got a little bit buried under all the boxes and dust sheets, and a little tied up with all the painting, but we’re finally settled in to our new home, ready to make 2016 our best year yet.




The even better news is that we’ve not moved far at all — we’re thrilled that we’re still in the Oldknows Factory, just around the corner in a bigger, brighter and even better space.

There’s plenty left to do — there always is — but regardless, please do pop in if you’re passing for a cuppa, and a chat about what you might achieve in 2016, sure we can find you a spare chair and a mug.

And for anyone who is also looking for a change of scenery in 2016, there’s units available in our building. We’ve not looked back — the past two years have been incredibly positive, creative, and successful, and that is, in part, down to our great studio. We may have expanded, but whatever size room you’re looking for you’ll find creativity, community, and lots of gorgeous old features here at the factory.

For more info, see: The Oldknows Factory.